Hey! I'm SO happy you're here!

Althea Tower


I just wanted to tell you how excited I am you've found me here and how humbled I am that you would consider my work for your home! 

I began this journey as a way to bring new life to pieces that were deemed no longer good or special. It has grown in such an amazing way. I have learned so much and cannot WAIT to learn more. I went from always asking for help to bring my pieces to life to becoming empowered to learn tools and techniques myself. This empowerment has created such a spark in me.

This desire to create lasting pieces for your home has transformed into a way to empower other women to chase the dreams they don't even realize they have yet, and know they are capable of doing so.

I have learned, failed, tried again, felt accomplished, felt defeated and yet am still here making. Every sign I finish, every new piece of furniture I build is special to me, really and truly. I don't take this for granted. I am my biggest critic, but yet I aim to be the biggest supporter. I have so much to learn yet I am so excited to teach what I already know. 

So I hope you'll follow along as I continue this journey. Whether it is to gift my work to a couple beginning their lives together, adding a dining table to your home that will host many family memories or to learn and grow your own skills I am thankful for you!

Talk soon friends,


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